Control Valves for Steam Applications

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Steam is utilized in an incredible range of applications. It is well known as a thermal energy carrier for heating in the industrial and non-industrial sector.

At first sight steam seems easy to handle, as it is only based on water. But the reality looks different. The risk of condensed droplets being accelerated by the high velocity flow stream or a sudden evaporation with an increase of volume of 1:1700 is a real threat to material. Due to the straight flow path of VETEC rotary plug valves, there is no danger of droplet accumulation as under the seat of a standard globe valve.

Another challenge is galvanic or crevice corrosion. Here, too, VETEC rotary plug valves design shows no risk, as all materials are well selected and there is neither a seat thread nor narrow chambered gaps like in a cage guiding or pressure balancing.

VETEC rotary plug valves are perfectly suited for steam control applications with excellent control qualities and minimized TCO. The advantages of high flow volumes not only reduce the CAPEX of the valve itself but also of the complete piping around due to smaller valve sizes.

Well over a thousand valves in all nominal sizes from NPS 1 to NPS 20 meet the expectations of our customers every day.