Reducing CO2 emission with Steam to Power

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„Talbot New Energy engineers and sells an innovative energy efficient Steam to Power (STP) unit for use of industrial process steam in the low pressure range to produce electrical energy. With a Talbot STP one can generate profitable CO2-free electrical energy and improve the energy balance as well as providing sustainable and lasting relief for the environment.” (Talbot New Energy AG)

STP units are designed for the conversion of industrial process steam or exhaust steam in the low-pressure range and can be used in bypass to the pressure reduction station or for the utilization of residual steam. In many cases, the energy content of process steam and exhaust steam is not optimally converted when passing through an industrial process – for example, steam is expanded via a pressure reduction valve without performing any work or it is condensed as residual steam.

VETEC rotary plug valves provide the necessary properties for this application. A very high flow rate in combination with a very small minimum flow rate (representing the rangeability) and an excellent controllability over the complete operating range. Depending on the steam quality, the use of wear-resistant materials is optionally available.