Rotary Plug Valve Portfolio from VETEC: Main features and portfolio overview

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The utilization of VETEC Rotary Plug Valves (RPV) is widespread. In our core industries you will find numerous applications. It is simply impossible to summarize at a glance all the applications in which our tens of thousands of valves have proven their worth for decades.

Main features of VETEC RPV are:

  • High maximum flow coefficient, especially in connection with
  • High rangeability,
  • Resistance against erosion, especially if media contains
  • Solids or particles
  • Excellent control behavior, even with
  • High viscosity media

With our huge portfolio, we are able to meet practically all material requirements. We are also able to comply with every national and international standard.

The cost advantages of the RPV are particularly noticeable with larger nominal diameters and high pressure ratings. Other manufacturers are severely restricted in this respect. VETEC RPV are available up to NPS 24 and CL 2500.

VETEC rotary plug valves are well designed and proven in use, representing outstanding performance and quality. Our products ensure optimized CAPEX and minimized OPEX as well as maximum safety and sustainability.