Sophisticated Train Wheel Cooling

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A train wheel is a specifically designed wheel for the use on railway tracks. The constantly increasing demands for durability in combination with ever-higher maximum speeds make train wheels a high-tech product. Different types of railroads have to comply with different sets of rules and regulations in different parts of the world, leading to an enormous variability in the clearly defined manufacturing process. Part of this process is the precise cooling after mechanical forming.

The flow of the cooling water on several injector nozzles must be controlled with absolute precision to ensure highest quality.

For the valves in this process, two things come together here.
A wide operating range with the need for a high maximum flow coefficient in combination with a high rangeability to cover the entire portfolio of train wheels. Additionally, a high resistance to abrasive media, since solid particles are present almost everywhere in a steel processing plant. VETEC rotary plug valves are the perfect solution for these requirements!

The example below shows how the use of a VETEC rotary plug valve could reduce CAPEX, OPEX, and thus the total cost of ownership (TCO), while increasing control performance at the same time.