Valves for District Energy: District Heating in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) states “District Energy: A secret weapon for climate action and human health”. According to Euroheat & Power “District energy is a proven solution for delivering heating, hot water and cooling services through a network of insulated pipes, from a central point of generation to the end user”. In addition, “The ability of DE to integrate different energy sources means customers are not dependent upon a single source of supply”.

The possibilities to generate the needed energy are numerous. This diversity makes this technology extremely valuable in order to reduce global carbon emissions without reducing living standard.

In the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, the contractor ENGIE Services Nederland NV built the south connection plant that combined two Vattenfall heating networks. This will make the network more sustainable and peaks can be absorbed by means of a buffer and auxiliary boilers.

VETEC supplied multiple rotatory plug valves type 82.7 in DN 300 with electric actuators. Reliable and robust valves with a perfect price-performance ratio. Compared to globe valves the solution is cost optimized and additionally reduces installation expenditure by less weight and smaller sizes.